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Paradigm > Shift in Attitude and Actions

New Economy > A Major Paradigm Shift:

  • Spiritual = Volunteerism
  • Environmental = Go Green!
  • Demographic = One World/One Highway
  • Political = Accountability
  • Economic = Live Within One's Means
  • Physical = Healthy Balanced Living

Current Perspectives

  • The idea of business travel starts off with the promise of seeing the world, exploring new cultures, and all, at the expense of your company. Soon however, you realise just how hectic these travels can be... jet lag, rushing around for meetings, the culture shock and those long hours spent at airports.

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  • Organizations that implement non-cash reward and recognition programs have annual revenue increases averaging of 9.6% vs. just 3% for all other companies – more than three times higher!

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  • A view through the looking glass reveals the future of your events: energized, gamified, localized and personalized. When you think about the future of meetings, what word or emotion comes to mind? I, for one, am energized. In fact, that’s the first of four trends I see on the meeting horizon.

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  • Summit Performance Group, a San Diego event management and travel services business, said it has merged with Adelman Travel, a travel agency based in Milwaukee, Wisc., to form AdelmanSummit.

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The Business of Life

  • Conferences and expos embrace the true spirit of volunteerism and move beyond ROI to embrace ROM—return on motivation.

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  • Setting a course for future meetings and events.

    The “New Economy” has become the buzzword of the media and conventions and events industry as a whole.

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  • Recently, I had an opportunity to speak in front of approximately 40 students at a Mesa Community College hospitality class, and I told them that the industry that they were seeking employment has profoundly changed.

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  • Front page headlines from the Wall Street Journal awaiting me on my lawn this morning: 

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Notes From the Road

  • Saturday, October 8th, was a night to remember. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees with a light breeze coming through the Phoenix Valley.

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  • Recently, Summit Performance Group took one of our groups to Victoria Canada for their President’s Club incentive program. We planned private excursions, an “Amazing Race” teambuilding event along with many parties and other group functions.

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  • This past month, the Summit Performance Group spent three weeks on the incredible island of Maui delivering two major incentive programs to over 1100 people.

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  • Where do you go by plane, private train, automobile, bus and foot to the "Dawn of Western Civilization"? Machu Picchu in Peru, the "Lost City of the Incas".

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Summit Performance Group

Summit Performance GroupSummit Performance Group is a full-service conference management and incentive travel, site selection and sports event coordination company. Summit Performance Group’s primary business goal is to provide comprehensive event planning solutions to clients and ultimately deliver senior management and their attendees with an outstanding program.

Surpass Sales Consulting

Surpass Sales ConsultingSurpass Sales Consulting, LLC works with companies to develop and implement sales processes, customer retention strategies, sales training, sales coaching and CRM strategies.


EventSalesGroup“Events Elevate!”

Are you seeking a self-directed, exciting, entrepreneurial opportunity to achieve outstanding results? The event management, team building and “cause event” industries offer a dynamic opportunity for you to elevate your earnings and career experience!


cllogoCruise to Creativity ... Cruise to Cause ... Cruise to Connection

connectUNIVERSAL, an exclusive travel and event services provider, will open a volume of experiences to you!! Let us impart new vigor to your mind, your family, friends and business teams.


PacificXPOSUREPacificXPOSURE is a full services sports management, tournament logistics and hospitality agency. Suite of services includes team logistics, travel, housing, sponsorships/vendors and all "e-Event technology fulfillment.

Paradigm Mobile Marketing

Paradigm Mobile MarketingJoin The Paradigm Shift in Marketing & Communications

Think about your own text messages. How many UN-Opened text messages do you have on your phone right now?