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Hi! My name is Doug Wheeler, and I am the co-principal and business partner of the Summit Performance Group, a leading provider of meeting and conference solutions. 

Today, we would like to speak with you about an essential ingredient in creating a unique event ... catering and food and beverage planning.

New trends are emerging!!

Event menus incorporate healthy, natural ingredients, frequently promote local farmers and highlight regional, organic cuisines.


Banquet chefs prepare smaller presentation plates and bite-size portions through tasting spoons allowing experimentation of different portion-controlled foods.  

Guest demographics mandate the infusion of different international tastes and designs through “fusion cuisine ” of different regions.

Family-style side dishes accompany a main entree allowing tastings of 3 – 4 different starches and mini vegetables. 

Non transfat, “fit foods” such as fish and menus supporting special diets and allergies are important.

Artisinal design presenting foods in their “most natural whole state” replaces cubes and slices and banquet equipment elevates unique items and displays them at different eye-appealing levels.

Simpler, more holistic and contemporary table centerpieces are employed.

Communal reception and coffee break tables promote more attendee networking while wine bars, martini lounges, special cooking stations within a reception are more compelling.

Carefully planned menus, unique food and beverage displays and venue design guarantee an outstanding event.

Please visit to learn more about extraordinary events.  My name is Doug Wheeler with the Summit Performance Group.